Hosting Package 1




  1. Website Builder
  2. Blogging and e-commerce testing
  3. Unlimited sites
  4. No Domain Name Linking
  5. 1 GB Storage
  6. 1 GB Per Month Download
  7. No SSL
  8. No CDN




    Hosting Package 2

    US$5.00 per Month 


    Includes everything in Package 1 plus;

    1. Domain Name Link
    2. Blogs Management
    3. Email Campaign
    4. Up to 100GB Storage
    5. Up to 10GB Per Month Download
    6. SSL Certificate
    7. Content Delivery Network with Nodes in every continent 

    Hosting Package 3

    US$15.00 per Month 


    Includes everything in Package 2 plus;

    1. e-Commerce Management
    2. Up to 500GB Storage
    3. Up to 100GB Per Month Download

    Notes:  Package 2 and 3 must be linked with a domain name.  This can be a standard name or a subdomain of  CourServ owned Domain Name.   CourServ Subdomain is free with any paid Package.   Standard Domain names range from US$15 per year upward.