Website Hosting

We host websites built with our own Website Builder, whether an e-commerce site or a blogging site.  We also host custom websites. We leverage the powerful Amazon Cloud services. This means we can literally host any system for you including a supercomputer.  

Using our Saas Platform, the hosting is automatic. Everything is programmed.  There is no human interaction.  Just build your site, choose your domain and link the domain to the site and your site will be up in a couple minutes.  

We also use a cost-effective way of web-hosting. This improves performance and security while vastly reducing the cost of hosting so this means we can compete with anyone.

This is completely developed by the CourServ Team.  


Web Builder

Build your modern web site now.  We use Bootstrap 4 Framework, the newest version of the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Front-end framework for developing responsive, mobile-first websites.   This enables you to build trending adaptive websites that work on any platforms whether Phones, Tablets or Desktops.

Features include

  • Up to 20 Themes
  • Custom Styling and Scriptings
  • Pre-defined blogging and e-commerce pre-defined Snippets
  • Configurable Templates 
  • Drag and Drop templates and snippets

Easily define your webpage landscape
If a snippet is not available for your need we will build it. Completely free if based on our timetable or at a cost if you need it urgently. 

Domain Name Service

We provide standard Domain Name service through Amazon Web Services.  This includes DNS management.  Domain Name Registering and Transfering. 

We also provide subdomain name services.  This means we can provide subdomain which really is the same as a normal domain name. The only difference is that the base domain name is owned by CourServ.  This allows us to provide the subdomain names at an extremely low price. 

A subdomain name is used strictly for our website hosting and email service. 

Email Service 

We make it very easy for companies to use their own branded domain name with their our email service whilst still leveraging the power and convenience of public email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo mail and Hotmail.

This is bundled with your domain name. Again, our price can't be compared.

SMS Service

SMS is integrated with both the Email Service as well as Telegram Messaging.  You send bulk SMS either from your email or Telegram.